The description of structure and variation of living organisms over a
period of time, ended up as two, apparently irreconcilable perspectives
on biology. The two perspectives essentially rested on two levels of
organisation of life forms and phenomena. One described at organismic
and above level of organisation while the second described at cellular
and molecular level of organisation. The first resulted in ecology and
related disciplines. The second resulted in physiology and biochemistry.
Description of physiological processes, in flowering plants as an
example, is what is given in the chapters in this unit. The processes of
mineral nutrition of plants, photosynthesis, transport, respiration and
ultimately plant growth and development are described in molecular
terms but in the context of cellular activities and even at organism
level. Wherever appropriate, the relation of the physiological processes
to environment is also discussed.
Chapter 11
Transport in Plants
Chapter 12
Mineral Nutrition
Chapter 13
Photosynthesis in Higher
Chapter 14
Respiration in Plants
Chapter 15
Plant Growth and